Barker Farms Interactive Near Real-Time Lightning Data

The java applet is interactive.  Select from ZOOM (300 km) or FULL (600 km) range. You can also view/replay either the past 30 or 60 minutes of activity.

Lightning data totals displayed are for the past 60 minutes and is updated every 5 minutes.

Note:  If strikes are not visible on the map it is likely because they are out of the current map range.

Note: The data supplied by this site is not to be used for protection of life and property.

Requires Java to view which can be downloaded from here

SPARK™ Compact Lightning eXplorer is a Java™ MIDlet for cell phones. SPARK.CLX™ works similarly to StormVue but is optimized for usage on small devices, in particular cell phones, and has user initiated reloading of data as opposed to the automatic reloading in StormVue. 

To learn more and see if SPARK™ will work with your cell phone, go to following page: newer phones will work.

You must have the following:

1. A compatible cell phone connected to the web.
2. Download SPARK.CLX from
3. From within SPARK.CLX, link to Barkerfarm's SPARK data at

The detector is located just north of Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada which is located in the west central part of the province.  Coverage includes most of southern Saskatchewan and neighbouring Alberta  The central location allows it to also pick up strikes well into the northern  parts of both provinces.

For comparison,  you can also view near real-time lightning data from other Saskatchewan detectors which include
SaskLightning (located 140 km southeast in Saskatoon, Sk), NWR Weather (located 355 km southeast in Regina, Sk) or from AccuWeather which provides delayed data (30-60 minute delay).

Barker Farms is a member of the StrikeStarTM US Networked Lightning Locator System which links real-time single antenna detectors around the world.

Click Here to view current weather data and to view local radar and satellite images


Static Strike Image
(up to 1200 km Range)

Note: The map will display the best range for the current activity.  From 25 - 1200 km.
The strike counter is reset at midnight each day

Thunderstorm Color Strike rate/min Classification
Green 1-10 Weak  Yellow 11-49 Moderate   Red > 50 Strong or Severe

Storm identification number V-4474. Dominating CG strike polarity is positive, last recorded strike rate per minute = 1, the strike rate per minute is not changing. The storm is categorized as Weak.
Storm identification number V-2441.  Dominating CG strike polarity is negative, latest recorded strike rate per minute =10, the strike rate is increasing.  It is categorized as Moderate.
 The same storm as 'B' a few minutes later. Dominating CG strike polarity is negative, latest recorded strike rate per minute = 16, no detectable change  in strike rate. It is now categorized as Strong or Severe

Historical Data