This is a little about our son Brayden Anthony. Brayden was born September 18 1996 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Brayden was a happy, healthy, sweet boy who loved to play, cuddle, read a book with mom, color and a million other little boy things. Brayden loved to watch his cartoons and movies, some of his favourites were Toy Story 1 and 2, Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants, Franklin, Calliou, Simpsons and of course Rugrats and Scooby-Doo. When he wasn't busy with that his other love was his playstation which he had become quite a little player on. He was a pro actually!! His favourites were Simpsons wrestling, Emporers New Groove and Toy Story. Brayden had lots of other interests as well, he loved dinasours and bugs, especially "lady buggies", stickers, playing on the computer, playing "kitchen" and riding his bike over to the park almost everyday.

Brayden loved his little sister and brother so much. He was very ready to be a big brother and so excited about there being two babies. He was very well prepared for this as he had attended almost every doctor appt. and every ultrasound! He was such a wonderful big brother and so proud of it. He couldn't wait until they were a little bigger to teach them everything he knew. It was so sweet all the things he'd come up with to teach them. He couldn't wait for someday to be able to get bunkbeds and share with his little princess Hailey (he wanted to marry Hailey when they grew up! How sweet is that!)

Brayden went for one year of pre-school. He was pretty shy about it and preferred if mom was there being "class helper" and if we had a school trip it was better if mom came and I loved to go, this was right around the time Brayden was getting into watching The Magic School Bus and it was cute to tease him about where we might end up on a field trip if it was actually Mrs. Fizzle driving. Brayden was able to go for a little bit of kindergarten and he was a little unsure at first but started to really enjoy himself as he had made some friends and this made recess easier too, because that was a litte bit of a concern at first. And he espceially loved lunches in the van with mommy and the babies, where usually we would go to McDonalds!!

Brayden was diagnosed on October 18, 2001. This changed our lives forever. There was so much sadness, then hope and happiness, only to be followed by sorrow and grief. We have a lot of cherished memories before and after Brayden became sick. There are so many special things that Brayden said and did in his life that make me smile and cry when I think back. On our way to the movie Monsters Inc. on a day pass, after Brayden has been in the hospital over a month and had been to hell and back, Brayden turned to me and said "Mom I know how you feel sometimes when you're so happy you have tears in your eyes" and I looked at him and saw his little face and how much happiness was in it. I could not believe after all that this poor little baby has been through and he can still be so honestly pure and sweet, he is very special!

I will forever miss Brayden, I miss everything about him and all our special times of just reading and snuggling and watching his little shows with him and all of what was to come in his future. I will never understand why this had to happen to my child whom was so sweet, innocent, special and dear. All I can hope and pray for is that he is very happy in heaven and that we will be together again and this time it will be forever.