Trying and Crying


itís been far too long since I kissed your cheek

my heart is broken and my eyes they seek

your touch is gone with nothing in replace

your smile, your laugh,a glimpse of your face††††††††


they say I must learn to accept this grief

to understand I am told,is part of the belief

things I thought forever,are taken away

can you explain this,is what I now pray


to think of happier times gone by

is it right that now,they make me cry

you are happy I see in heavens take

this helps to keep my mind from break


so young, so beautiful,how do you explain

that you are gone,and I must remain

when I know this sense,a visit is mine

the mystery will fade and love is our time


the mind is capable of only so much

again to remember,I miss your touch

to accept is for,my heart to give in

being happy again ,seems such a sin


to think of us in eternal bliss

for that is what I truly miss

I will learn, and listen, and understand

so one day again I can hold your hand