Brian Johnson

 Fine bows for
violin, viola and cello


Mr. Johnson has been making bows for string instruments for the past 19 years. A professional violinist and teacher, he received his bowmaker training under John Norwood Lee of  Chicago.

A fine bow starts with good quality materials. Mr. Johnson has a fine selection of quality pernambuco (the wood of choice for the modern bow). Worked by hand, he creates fine bows in octagonal or round sticks. The frogs and buttons are made from ebony, buffalo horn or mammoth ivory. Sterling silver or gold is handcrafted for the metal fittings. Because Mr. Johnson is a professional violinist, he has a keen sense for balance and playability in his work as a bowmaker.

Many professionals and students have a Brian Johnson bow and are enjoying the workmanship and versatility of his bows. Owners of Brian Johnson bows include violinists Jaime Weisenblum (Canadian Piano Trio), Lara St. John (recording artist), Erika Raum (soloist), David Stewart (Violin Instructor, University of Ottawa; former Concertmaster, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra), Ed Minnevich (Concertmaster, Regina Symphony Orchestra and soloist) and Jose Louise Garcia (Violin Instructor, London, England).

A limited supply of fine bows are available starting at  $1500 Canadian.




Contact:       Brian Johnson

                        Ambiance Music                       
                   82 Hastings Crescent
                   Regina, Saskatchewan
                   S4T 7N7
                   Phone and fax: 306 545 3100

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