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First Name :   Downunder
Subject :   Chube
Comment :   Boys - long time no see; Great to see Chube firing up the old homepage, however, I am dissapointed to see no quality links as in prior years...I trust this omission will be addressed in due course. Cactus must again pay for my entry.
First Name :   Elder Siebs
Subject :   Chube
Comment :   I am also disappointed in there not being any other links. How can a guy choose his women picks without seeing them naked first. Get on this chube... no men please. Pretend that you are straight, for the rest of us.
First Name :   schmidty
Subject :   chube aka "pouchgargler"
Comment :   i agree with elder siebs--no nude men sites, chube. when will the good links be available?
First Name :   Astonishing
Subject :   ROAR!!!!!
Comment :   Good to see the pool site up and running again Chubes. It's always a good time to take some money off of Chall's hands.I agree - please no male porn!
First Name :   RAWSEWAGE
Subject :   CHUBE
Comment :   Chube, as a first timer I feel obliged to know--what percentage of our entry goes to quench your thirst for male porn?
First Name :   Elder Siebs
Subject :   theme
Comment :   Hey everyone, New theme this year should be "Chube's lack of male porn" If your with me give me a Hell Yeah.
First Name :   ?
Subject :   ?
Comment :   ?
First Name :   nixon
Subject :   ...
Comment :   our superleague page if anybody is interested:
First Name :   nixon
Subject :   ...
Comment :   10$ on James being the Burrows boy that ends up in last.
First Name :   nixon
Subject :   my pants
Comment :   has anyone seen my pants?
First Name :   Elder Siebs
Subject :   stupid anderson
Comment :   well boys, as anderson rises, elder siebs rockets into the toilet. stupid anderson
First Name :   Bitzy
Subject :   New secretary needed...
Comment :   Just wanted to thank Chube for the non-family oriented nature of his web site. During some down time in Wynyard, I figured that checking the results was a good idea...until I (and my receptionist) saw a smurf banging a porn star. Well this would be fine i
First Name :   Elder Siebs
Subject :   priceless
Comment :   chube, you have really outdone yourself with the smurf. great material. did bitzy play smurf with his receptionist after the viewing????? see you in the winners circle boys!!!!!
First Name :   chube
Subject :   oops
Comment :   funny one scott ... I actually removed the smurf from the site before I saw this message.
First Name :   Elder Siebs
Subject :   goose
Comment :   chube you bitch. prepare for the siebert fury in the brier and scott. regan your dead!
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