CKNW dumps news bods overboard

News media “owner chill” sacrifices everything, in my view, to the bottom line. News, generally speaking, never earns a profit. And a dozen or so stiffs working in Vancouver’s CKNM Newsroom were tossed overboard (on April 4, 2006) so that the operation is “appropriately structured.”

Reports said this was an award-winning Newsroom.

A Globe and Mail report said:

“But yesterday, in a terse, four-sentence statement that offered few details, Corus Radio, owner of a cluster of Vancouver-based stations including CKNW, announced that 12 employees were being let go ‘to ensure that the stations are appropriately structured to remain successful in a competitive marketplace.’ "

I presume Corus got the message from the Prime Minister’s Office the other day. The PMO is chilling the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Weak newsrooms are easier to bully with PR flackery, right Mr. Prime Minister? As your flacks say, the public does not care.

I was at The Montreal Star when it was folded to protect . . . something; the heirs, I think. It was not the news and a well-informed public.

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