Salute to father of dead Canadian soldier

Speaking as a journalist, I wish to laud the father of Cpl. Matthew Dinning, a military policeman, who was killed April 22 (2006) by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

The father, Lincoln Dinning, himself a provincial police officer, showed home movies, at the funeral Saturday, of the arrival of his 23-year-old son’s body at Canadian Forces Base Trenton.

“Now I’d like to show you some of the video that Mr. Harper wouldn’t let you see close up of Matthew’s arrival home,” Dinning was quoted as saying.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in an attempt to hide the bodies from the public mind, has barred the news-media from military bases when dead soldiers return home. It is crass PR counter-spin.

All Canadians have a right -- and responsibility -- to observe, through clear and un-censored lenses, the price the Dinnings, and others, are paying to join the fight in Afghanistan.

Mr. Dinning, sir, I salute you.