Fox Hate: Un-fair and un-balanced

Anyone with half a brain can see that Fox News, originating out of some dark place in the bowels of the United States, cannot honestly call itself a “news” provider.

Fox is the right-wing version of Radio Moscow which spewed propaganda in the old Soviet Union days.  RM pumped out lies about its “ism” and the West.

Fox Hate does roughly the same thing, but in a more polished package. The exceptions are Barnes and Kondracke of the Beltway Boys who are excruciatingly ignorant. One of the dumbbells thinks Canada has a “president.”

 Fox hates them bad “liberals” who are pre-verts  (sic on purpose, O’Reilly) and should be registered as offenders of something or other – like sex-offenders. They hate, hate, hate . . . everything progressive. Is it not un-Christian to spread hatred?

Why are so many North American journalists silent – in their own media -- about Fox Hate?