Harper stoops to sleeping with enemy

It goes without saying that the Parti Quebecois is dedicated to destroying Canada as we know it today, thus weakening les maudis englais and further empowering the racist separatists of Quebec. In other words, the PQ is the enemy of a united Canada.

The Bloc Quebecois, whose elected members sit in the House of Commons in Ottawa, is the PQ working under an alias.

There is a deeply-rooted hatred amongst PQ-ists of everything Anglo, the Americans and their culture, English-speaking Canada and its culture and  everything else non-Quebecois.

To test my point, get yourself a contract to play hockey for the Montreal Canadiens without learning French and see the reaction you get from a certain TVA reporter. If, however, you’re an Albertan prime minister who can dish out power, or oil money, you will be tolerated – like the Montreal hooker who walks “the Main” and looks upon the “johns” with contempt.

Once the power or money runs out – Mister Stephen Harper – you will be just another chien sal a marde like the Anglo johns. What does that say about the quality of current Canadian leadership when the only fundamental difference between the hooker and the Prime Minister is price?

Harper’s cozying up to Quebec to keep his ass in power should make Albertans sick. Giving Quebec something like the UNESCO deal, not available to all provinces, is terrible policy. It’s like paying the babe on St. Laurent Blvd. for a quickie happy ending.

Now the chief of another group, the Action democratique du Quebec, has chimed out about new constitutional talks to “fix” what Trudeau did. Translation: More power levers to tweak oil money and domination out of English Canada.

Can you say “the PM’s an idiot,” Mr. Prime Minister?

Most Franco Quebeckers – whether Liberal or separatist – are Quebecois first and last. They are Canadian only very occasionally, when there’s a dollar in it or some additional power can be wrestled out of what they see as the dumb, rifle-toting western Rednecks in Ottawa.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported on March 31, 2006:

As of this week, Quebec's debt hit $118 billion, a sum that is difficult to imagine, and much more difficult to manage. At 44 per cent of GDP, Quebec's debt is by far the highest of any province; Nova Scotia is next at 34 per cent, Newfoundland and Labrador follows at 32 per cent.

Quebec’s poorly-managed pension plan and the word “crisis” are not strangers. Quebecor which owns the light-weight Sun tabloid papers reportedly owes the plan about $6 billion. Traditional news-media outlets (if you can call the Suns’ stuff between their ads “news”) are now a poor investment. But the PQ would pay any price, using other peoples’ money, to preserve the French culture.

The Globe and Mail reported on May 12, 2006:

Parent company Quebecor Inc. said it had a net loss of $60.7 million, or 94 cents a share, for the three months ended March 31, compared with a loss of $23.6 million, or 37 cents a share, for the 2005 period.

And the Tories – champions of good business and responsible government spending -- are cozying up to this bunch?