Watch Network, get ‘mad as hell!’

I watched Sidney Lumet’s 1976 motion picture Network last night. It’s the movie in which UBC-TV news anchor Howard Beale gets “mad as hell” and attracts many viewers as a result. Later the network middle brass have him murdered after his ratings take a tumble.

Screenplay author Paddy Chayefsky exaggerated a bit – in the 1976 news context – for dramatic effect. But the news “business” is now working its way rapidly toward making Network look like a documentary. The television ratings whores are forcing the “News Division” to show a profit.

How many rapes can you exploit at any one time? Fox Hate (allegedly News) please note: How about a screen crawler giving the minute-by-minute rape count in the U.S.? It could alternate with the Dow index.

All parents whose children want to go to journalism school, with the intent afterward of earning an honest living as a journalist, should force their offspring to watch the picture twice and then write a 1,000-word essay discussing why he/she, or anyone in their right mind, would want to be part of the circus.