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Don's PhoneGuard V5.0.19 (beta) Rejects Those Damned Calls

When guarding your telephone line, Don's PhoneGuard V5 checks the name and number of callers against a personal database of banned names and numbers which you build as you go. When it detects a call from a banned source, it rejects the call with a voice text-to-speech (TTS) message and hangs up. You can disable the hang up part and just keep a log of all calls which you can print out.

Don's PhoneGuard is a computer program that runs in Windows XP that has .Net Framework 2.0 or later installed. The program requires that you have a Caller ID and Voice-capable modem -- with the correct driver -- on your system. You also have to get Caller ID service from your phone service provider.

You can also write your own custom messages delivered to the caller by the Windows Speech technology. Speech is a standard part of XP Professional (see Control Panel, Speech) to check the voices installed. We prefer Microsoft Mary.

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