How to Complain

Don's PhoneGuard is an effective tool for complaining to your phone company or government regulator about unwanted calls from persons -- or telemarketers -- who ignore "Do Not Call" requests and regulations.

To complain effectively, you will need to send precise information about the call(s) you are complaining about.

The grid on the left below is the Don's PhoneGuard "Calls Log" with the Name and Number from the Caller I.D. packet, the computer-system time of the call and “action” taken. HuP means the call was rejected together with a text-to-speech rejection message or an appropriate message written with the application's "Audio" feature to fit your state/province’s telemarketing laws.

Complain graphic

Every time a new call arrives from a "Barred" caller, Don sends a revised complaint showing the new infraction. The list gets longer with every invasion of our privacy.

You can also print your "Calls Log" and "Barred List" to send with your complaint(s).

Remember that most telemarketers will (wink, wink) “have no record of ever calling” you and you’ll need (most likely) some proof of having been disturbed by unwanted solicitations. You should make use of a service known as “Call Trace” which in Bell Canada territory costs $5 a pop (to a maximum $10 per month) and is activated through dialing *57 after you hang up.

In SaskTel territory it’s free. Here is how the provincially-owned Crown corporation described the service as of December, 2004.

- - -

“SaskTel Call Trace service is provided to all customers at no charge. It is designed specifically to help customers control and reduce threatening, harassing or obscene phone calls. Call Trace will trace blocked calls. You can take further action by contacting your local police department. Trace information will only be released to the police; it will not be provided to you.

To activate call trace:

1. Hang up after you receive a harassing call.

2. Pick up the receiver, listen for a dial tone and enter *57 on your TouchToneTM phone (1157 for rotary dial customers). An automated voice will tell you that the call has been marked for a trace and what procedure to follow.

If the call was threatening, harassing, or obscene, you should contact the police. Otherwise, five calls must be traced before reporting the call (including dates and times) to SaskTel at 1-800-651-1121. Only calls that have been reported by customers as being traced will be dealt with.

- - -

The phone industry’s bread is buttered – needless to say – on the side of the telemarketers.

Note to Canadians: The Canadian telephone companies enforce the Canadian telemarketing regulations. It's like making Tony Soprano enforce the laws against racketeering. That's nuts!