What is news?

Reporter fired for rocking owner's boat

Papers spin news on falling circulations

Harper stoops to sleeping with enemy

Legally-blonde gal going legally-newsie

BBC: Changing mix of media and money

Watch Network, get 'mad as hell!'

Why are idiot MPs still in Tory caucus?

Why are journalists silent when criticized?

Salute to father of dead Canadian soldier

Photostory for CPR's Spanner magazine

Ted Baxter at Toronto Sun -- just a game

Newsroom integrity sold to advertiser

News consumers have role in journalism

PC Mag: Don't blame web when papers die

Fake TV news, can you detect it?

Owner visits paper ... gush! gush! gush!

Rumsfeld blames media messengers

Why did CanWest not publish CP item?

Which item suffering from 'owner chill?'

Blood and guts, bacon and eggs don't mix

There was and is no money in journalism

Item picked up by Associated Press; wow!

After-school news photographer, aged 13

Reminiscences about The Gazoo

Reporters doesn't write good no more

What about a CNN 'news reality' show?

Time runs out on Canadian Bureau

Ring . . . Ring . . . 'Flash! Flash News!'

Freedom of the press . . . to extort?

Straight Goods: Chilling the news media

Katie Couric . . . in-experience CBS News

CKNW dumps news bods overboard

Damned 'cost containment initiatives'

No mention of makeup . . . My God!

Journalism -- 'better than driving truck'

$310.2 million spent on news (wink, wink)

CMAJ firings symptom of 'owner chill'

Community 'news' ain't news . . . it's puff

Breaking news for journalists . . . hello?

Pain in the ass and the Imus Factor

I've got 'news' for you, Mr. News Director

Give-away papers do not have 'readership'

SaskTel continues empty-promise tradition

Appearance before Senate committee probing news media

CBC Radio Commentary on 'Owner Chill'

Briarpatch piece on 'free press'

Fox Hate: Un-fair and un-balanced

CBC Radio Commentary on ID Theft

CBC Radio Commentary on Do Not Call List flaw

CBC Radio Commentary on telemarketing 'plague'

As it Happens, CBC Radio Interview

As it Happens, Feedback

Marketplace (Consumer Crusader), CBC-TV

Marketplace (CRTC Regulations), CBC-TV


My Novel, alas not finished, yet

The Last Final


            The Early

                        Chapter One: The after-school news photog

            The Strike

            The 'Final'


Other stuff

Government Press Release on Canadian Do Not Call List

Backgrounder on Canadian Do Not Call List


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