Tips and Tricks

Bar Only One Number from Acme Corp.

Don's PhoneGuard checks both the Caller ID "Name" and "Number" when looking for barred callers. If either the Name or Number is on the Barred List, the call is rejected. (If Acme is barred, with or without a number in the entry, all calls from the corporation with the barred Name are dumped.)

To bar only one Acme Corp. phone number, click the Barred List / New Entry menu, type the Number you wish to bar and leave the Name blank.

* * *

Check that You Have Latest Program Version

The headline of the Main Page of this site lists the latest available version. The version installed on your machine, for example "Don's PhoneGuard V4.0.66", is listed (when the program is running) in the title bar at the top of the screen.

Updates, fixes, tweaks and improvements are made on a continuing basis. We need "Feedback."

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Current and Correct Modem Driver Vital

Don's PhoneGuard uses Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to speak through the modem to the caller. This makes huge demands on your computer system and modem. This is not the place for "slow-poke" modems of less than 56K speed with out-of-date drivers. The same is true for you computer system as a whole.

Don uses 56K AOpen and U.S. Robotics modems on a system equipped with a CPU zipping along at about 1.04 GHz with 192MB of memory. This is a bare minimum.

* * *

Check Speech System, Select TTS Voice

In the Windows "Control Panel," click "Speech" and then "Text To Speech" (TTS). You can make the "Voice Selection" of Microsoft Mary, Mike or Sam, used by the system and Don's PhoneGuard. Click "Preview Voice" to hear what they sound like.

This allows you to check the TTS system completely outside Don's PhoneGuard which should not be running.

Info on Bell Labs TTS project

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