docsis_server How To

Download and Compile

  • Step 1: Download the source code to someplace familiar:


  • Step 2: untar the source and compile:

    tar xzvf docsis-server-current.tgz

    cd docsis-server....


    make install

    This will install the following binaries:

  • Step 3: Install the unprivileged docsis user:
    While it is possible to run the docsis_server as root we recommend that you install the special user "docsis". You can change the name and settings if you want just be sure to update those changes in your config file.

    sh INSTALL.uid

  • Step 4: Copy the config file to /etc:
    The next howto document explains what all the options mean.

    cp docsis-server2.conf /etc/docsis-server.conf

    chmod 640 /etc/docsis-server.conf

    vi /etc/docsis-server.conf

    If you are upgrading from a previous version of docsis_server the table names and fields are very different from the previous version. For that reason we recommend the following installation method.

    cp docsis-server2.conf /etc/docsis-server2.conf

    chmod 640 /etc/docsis-server2.conf

    vi /etc/docsis-server2.conf