by : Marla Rauser

        Since childhood I had always been sickly. In November of 1994, at the age of 33, extreme ill health began. After 3 years in the medical realm I was disillusioned without hope, left to deal with a battery of side effect drugs that did little to ease the conditions I was suffering at the time. An overall unwell feeling came over me which resulted in catching every cold, flu and ailment going around and never getting rid of anything. In other words, an obviously destroyed immune system.

        In an attempt to combat my ill health I turned from modern medicine to holistic health and eating. Within the days and weeks that followed my health slowly returned to an almost perfect state. By applying the principles of food (fruit before meals only, never eating meat and starch together but separately with vegetables) I was on the road to good health.....Or so I thought. This good eating would trigger my body to get sick again and all previous ailments would return.

        Hence, my visit to our doctor in February of 1998 I found that my healthy diet, which by itself was health-promoting, was the source of a battery of food allergies and intolerances. Because my family and I were already accustomed to eating healthy, I thought a new diet would be easy. WRONG!! Nothing prepared me for what I was about to encounter physically, psychologically, socially and environmentally with this restricted diet.

        After many days and weeks of anger, frustration and alot of tears, I decided to take what I could eat and let "necessity be the mother of invention". This cookbook is the result of my efforts to continue to enjoy cooking and eating on a severely restricted diet. After almost a year, I am again on the road to good health. I encourage you to stick with it. I hope the recipes in this cookbook can be as helpful to you as they have been to us.

The results are the "Proof in the Pudding"

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