I am not looking to get rich by selling this book.
The charges below are only to recoup the costs I incurred having my
copy copied and the cost of the binder itself. My main intent is to offer some
alternative recipes to compliment your existing menu or give you a start to follow
and modify to your own tastes.

Cookbook Cost
(includes taxes)
Postage In Canada  $2.00
In the US  $3.00
Overseas  $6.00

To order a copy simply add the appropriate postage to the cookbook cost
and send a cheque or money order for that amount to :
(ie. in Canada cookbook cost $10.00 + postage $2.00 = total $12.00

Marla Rauser
Box 324

Lloydminster, Sask.
S9V 0Y2

For any further information that cannot be found on these pages
you can also phone me at (306) 825-7549.
(long distance charges are extra)

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