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Royalties:   Non-Profit Organizations: $10 per script     Professional Companies: $25 per script
Rights to perform are given for 1 year from the time you are sent the script.
Scripts will be sent to you via e-mail.  (Print out as many as you need)

Scripts adapted by Dan Bond

   Little Red Riding Hood - The delightful tale of a young girl overcoming adversity. Updated and modernized
                                              for today's children.  Children from the audience love playing the trees and animals
                                              in the forest.  The final confrontation between Little Red and the Wolf will having
                                              the audience clapping with glee.  This play is part one of the WOLF TRILOGY.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - The classic story of the mischievous shepherd boy who learns a lesson about
                                              playing pranks.  Audiences love it when little kids are used as sheep. Choose
                                              someone from the audience to play the wolf and hear the crowd roar with delight!
                                              This play is part two of the WOLF TRILOGY.

       The Three Little Pigs - The wonderful tale of three siblings who find out that life is not always easy when
                                              living on your own. This final installment of the WOLF TRILOGY lets you use every
                                              child in your audience.  Kids love playing the part of the house that the wolf blows


Scripts adapted by Janice Muir