Chrysler 26
Last updated: January 7, 2018
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A 1979 Chrysler 26 Sailboat
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First and foremost...level the trailer side to side and prop up the nose high enough to allow water to drain from the boat naturally. It drains to the stern and also through small holes every few feet along the underside of the hull to deck rubber. Those holes should be cleaned now and then with a hose from the outside in to wash the accumulated dirt down the deck and out.

Jack up the trailer off the tires and support it on wood platforms ahead and behind the tires and under the bow upright on the trailer. Do that and it won't wobble around much when you're working onboard.

To winterize the plumbing start by turning on the ball valve under the white cover in the head (vertical is on). You'll need one 4 litre container of plumbing antifreeze and a rubber hose. Put one end of the hose into the antifreeze and the other end to the water intake thru-hull. Seal the thru-hull side of the hose with tape wound around the outside of the hose. Pump the foot pump until you run the antifreeze through the lake water tap and a bit more to allow the stuff to sit in the sink drain tube which exits aft of the sink.

Then to the head . . . put a couple of capfuls of cooking oil in the bowl . . . it will lubricate the hand pump (The last owner did this every week or so and it works well instead of buying rebuild kits every year). With the side metal rod/lever towards you it's ready to pump from the "lake" so pump away with brisk strokes to get the antifreeze into the bowl and then just pour in enough to 3/4 fill the bowl. Push the little lever back to vertical and then hand pump most of the bowl into the holding tank.

Your plumbing is now winterized. The flexible water tank under the back berth is not currently being used.

It is VERY important to change the bottom end oil on the motor. If there is water ingress and it freezes, it could crack the housing. The outboard can be left on the transom all winter.

The bottom step of the ladder pops out to allow access to the battery box. The battery box can be moved forward with some effort in order to remove the batteries. The batteries are taken home and charged once or twice each winter.

If you store the boat outside, you may want to tape a plastic bag over each end of the mast. Small birds tend to nest in some of masts in the spring!