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One day a boy had a dream about owning a Dodge Viper GTS... Happy person driving Viper GTS But the roads in Saskatchewan were too rough for such a fine vehicle such as this, and only pickups and Jeep Grand Cherokees could survive this harsh climate. With the falling Canadian dollar and expensive price tag due to supply and demand, a new Viper like this one shown will cost you on average $100,000+ Canadaian dollars! Since I would be only able to drive a car like this one for about five to six months a year it makes buying one in Saskatchewan hardly work while... I guess I will have to get a job in the USA so I can buy one until I grow up and buy a sport utility vehicle like the other adults.

Well, that sums up all my complaints about Saskatchewan weather and the Canadian peso... On to better things! The two models of Vipers that I have featured here are the Viper GTS(shown in the picture above) and it's Lemans racing cousin, the Viper GTS-R(Racing Model).

The redesigned interior for the Dodge GTS has evolved from the early Dodge R/T Viper, which was quite spartan, Interior View of Dodge GTS to be more comfortable and accomindating to the driver and the passenger. Can this car be driven like a touring car across the country in long stretches? Dodge says that is now possible with improvements to the suspension for a smoother ride, but it is my opinion is that the novelty of such a long drive on common highways (like Saskatchewan's would come quite boring and dangerous considering the conditions of our highways.

This is the cutaway view of the new viper GTS.I thought this picture was quite interesting so I included in the set of photos of the car.

Cut away view of the viper

I have also include a picture of the massive 488 cu. V-10 engine that powers this outrageous looking car. The engine in the Viper GTS produces 430 b.h.p. and a frightening 490 lbs of torque! V-10 Engine closeup

This is the Dodge Viper GTS-R, the Racing cousing of the Dodge Viper GTS. I have included some photos of the car and how it looks but I don't have any statistics on this car and when I do I will add them to this page.
Viper GTS-R Angle View Viper GTS-R Front Profile View
Viper GTS-R Wind Tunnel Picture Viper GTS-R side profile view