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Breeder, Owner, Hanlder Karen Prokopetz

Now over the Rainbow Bridge, Piper was a delightful dog and she took her job of "policing" the front of the house very seriously. Generous to the end, she traded kisses for belly rubs with anyone whose lap she snuggled into. When you rubbed her tummy ... she couldn't hold her licker.

Piper is a multi group placing Scottie in Canada. She is also a UKC champion with a UKC RBIS. She placed 4th in the 12-18 class at Montgomery and made the final cut at the Canadian Nationals at 14 months.

She has a Versatility Award from the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club and a CKC Canine Good Neighbour Award.

Her preference was the couch for naps, but if there was a pillow on the couch to lie on, that was even better. At night she slept in a dog bed beside our bed.







As a mature special.

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