If You Don't Like the Cooking

If you don't like the cooking you don't have to come here.  Its a free web with millions of other pages by millions of other people to visit.  Most with far greater appeal, interest and audience than this place.  Anyone who comes here does so of their own free will.

Don't start one of those weird negative "infatuation" things with MoFo that are all too common on the web.  I'm just a tiny voice in a tiny place on the web.  I'm just another nobody.  Just another loser!  This is only one of several minor and varied endeavors for me.  I don't assign it much importance.  For heaven's sake don't assign me greater importance than I warrant.  Don't be an even bigger loser than I am by wasting any your life's time and energy on me.  Don't let my idiocy and failings direct your life!  Direct your own life.  Go do your own thing on the web.  Set up your own web site with content that's important to you.  You don't even need an internet connection of your own.  All you need to do is go to any public portal and sign up at any number of free web hosting sites.

I likely need to get a life in a pretty bad way.  Don't demonstrate an even greater need to get a life yourself by getting all wound up and frothy over my shit!  Anyone can do anything I do or anything I have ever done.  Likely better than I if they put their mind to it!

If you have something to add or a constructive comment to make or just want to say hello, by all means please free to contact me.


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