That's as Good as it Gets

Its funny how people pursue physical gratification these days.  Its getting hard to find just a regular normal plain old ordinary good cup of coffee or tea.  People want all sorts of strange tasting "fancied up" coffee and tea.  The regular basic brews just aren't enough.  The same goes many of the simplest pleasures, like chewing gum.  You can find many flavors of chewing gum that more than taste like anything, feel like a chemical burn in your mouth.  Again regular flavors like bubblegum, fruit or mint, just aren't enough.  Some of the coffee, tea and chewing gum concoctions are just plain awful.  I mean, come one people, its just coffee, tea and chewing gum.  Why do you want and expect so much more out of it?

There's a lot of beverage and foodstuffs like this now, including bizarre and often wretched flavoring and spicing.  Often to the point where you can't taste or smell the base food.  Modern society has expectations of gratification from eating and drinking that the mouth and nose can't deliver.  Its even worse when it comes to sex with the mythos we've created around it.  Without doubt, great sex is the most total and pleasurable of physical gratifications in this life.  But even at its lose your mind for a bit best, it only gets so good.  Again, people are doing all sorts of weird and quite frankly exhausting things to try and wring a little more out of this, again, fairly simple and basic thing.  They invest so much energy in elaborate preparation and psychological games I expect they mostly miss or don't have enough energy left over for the really good parts.

There's only so much bandwidth in your nervous system.  I think people are actually hurting their mental and physical health trying to squeeze more out this puny flesh.   In fact the more often you reach for a gratification, the lesser its sensation.  If you really want the best drink of your life go thirsty for a day or two.  If you really want the best meal of our life, starve for a few days.  If you really want the best sex of your life, be abstinent for a few years.  In this world of ever growing plenty and endless sources of physical pleasure, people have forgotten this about our bodies because they never experience real physical need!  The only need they feel is a need that transcends what mere physical stimulation can gratify.  But. most people are not aware of it or only dimly aware.  So we live like damaged overconditioned lab rats, driven to a frenzy of pulling the lever again and again and again and again..... ever harder, harder, harder, harder..... with ever growing frustration that the jolt from the electrode doesn't also get greater.  The simple behavior of just stopping pulling the lever to give it a rest never seems to arise!  Much less the thought that perhaps the lever and electrode simply cannot deliver the required stimulation!  The most frustrating lever of all is material possession merely for its own sake.  Quite often, past a certain point of opulence it really does not meet any of the physical or material needs at all.  Yet Oh! how some build a mythos about the jolt they get from the lever when all they get is more frustration.  The jolt just has to be harder if the lab rat hit the lever harder!  This is pure logic, right?  It just has to work like this, right?  It can be proved by merely hitting the lever even harder!  People spend an entire lifetime hammering the lever with all their life's might only to die the miserable and pathetic death of a damaged burnt out lab rat who never really did get a good jolt from the electrode.

We have needs that cannot be met by physical comfort and gratification.  There are holes within us which cannot be filled by any material.  It should be obvious, but for some reason the lab rats never quite figure this out.  Yes, yes, we do have the physical needs which must be met and do offer a good portion of this life's satisfaction.  However, when all are satisfied to their limit, what then lab rat?  What is this burning thing you still feel within that screams in fury to be met?  Could it be the call to a higher life?  If the need transcends the physical, then might not the gratification and its source also share this transcendence?  The other choice is maybe just put the lab rat out of its misery with a little compassionate euthanasia.  Oh look, there's a few of the brighter ones already doing this for themselves!


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