The scariest thing on the planet is other human beings!  Am I right or wrong about this?  The only thing it seems we can do in defense is be prepared to be just as scary ourselves or have people around like police and armies to do the "scary" work for us.  I understand this, but, I don't like it.  There's something inherently wrong with having to think like this, to have to live like this.

All the various ethnic and cultural groups on the planet all claim to be, like to think, they're superior to other groups and yet they all indulge in this violence against one another.  It doesn't seem to matter who they are, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, white, black, yellow, brown, whatever.  We all go around doing violent things to one another.  Why do we have this propensity for intra-species violence?  Are we really better, smarter, whatever, than animals?  Or do our big brains just make us worse than animals?  The first thing we did when we learned about the energy matter equivalence, Einstein's famous work, was use it to make bombs!

I don't think its the natural way of things.  Sure we see a lot of what appears to be violence among animals, but, I'm not sure we're not projecting our own mentality onto what we observe.  Lions and tigers kill zebras and the like in what appears to us a violent and cruel act.  However, there's no anger, no hatred of the zebras motivating this.  Its just the way of the food web.  And we do see things like sea lions and deer do what appears to be fighting for breeding rights and or territory, but, death is rare in these competitions. The loser usually just gives up and skulks off.  And more often than not the losers  just aren't in the right age window to be this year's winners.  Why do we seem so "unnaturally" violent to one another?  Being "superior" shouldn't people be at least a little less violent than all the animals around us?  At the very least the enlightened self interest of bigger brains should produce a less violent "animal".   All the violence sure seems to defy a self image of superiority.  We're the only species in the entire history of the planet to have developed the means to destroy the entire planet through violent means.  It defies calling ourselves more evolved or higher beings.

I certainly don't have answers to these questions or know any way to bring down the level of violence amongst ourselves.  Are people just naturally violent savages?  Is there nothing to be done but just accept it and try to live with it, just sit miserably in fear and anxiety, armed to the hilt, waiting for that final supreme violent act to end all our violence for good?  Or is their another way with our big brains and "superior" intellect to end the violence once and for all without nuking ourselves into oblivion?

I talk mostly about war in the above, but I have to say, the violence on an individual level, person to person, is way out of hand in North America.  Police and civilians are being maimed and killed like flies in the streets. Some urban centers at times seem just as bad as Beirut or Sarajevo.  In the infamous year of 9/11 more people died from violent "domestic" acts in the United States than were killed in the World Trade Towers attack.  People were more likely to get killed by other Americans than by Arab Muslims.  Its still that way.  Canada is quickly following the U.S. lead in this.  You should be more afraid of your neighbor than Al Quaida!  This is just appalling!  Not only do we need a standing military armed to the teeth to protect us from people elsewhere in the world, we also need a standing force of police, equally armed to the teeth to protect us from each other.

Where's the way out?  How do people ever begin to live like the superior beings they like to think of themselves as?  Or are we just doomed to fight over the earth's ever dwindling resources until only one war battered group is left who, so accustomed to it, they eventually turn on one another in the final pathetic act of the species?

There's gotta be a better path for people!  Especially for people who like to think they're so much better than savages, so much better than all the other peoples on the planet!  We have plenty of very real threats, very real enemies, besides each other like disease, famine, natural disasters and environmental disasters, even from outer space which we understand little about, we should be focusing on.


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