The Glorious Mysteries

The subject of the mural is a harmonious and joyous celebration of a meeting of particular articles of our communal faith set against a slightly tilted spiral galaxy as background.

The theme explores the five "Glorious Mysteries" inspired by the third part of the meditational prayer known as the rosary. Following the theme of the mural each of the mysteries (which focus on particular events explored by faith in the lives of Jesus and his mother, Mary) is brought forward in the loving arms of an angel for our inspiration. An angel may be described in poetic terms as a spiritual attendant in the presence or court of God, or as a special result of God's intimate relationship with humanity.

Five of the angelic symbols present an expression of the mysteries of Christ's resurrection --

His personal and complete triumph over death;
His ascension into the perfect presence of God;
the coming of the living spirit of God's love, the Holy Spirit, into the presence of the Church at Pentecost;
the bodily assumption of Mary, the mother of Christ, into the full presence of God at her death; and
her full embrace by the profound love of the Holy Trinity recognizing her role in the mystery of redemption poetically symbolized by her coronation by the Trinity.



The sixth angel presents to us an empty cross, symbolizing the proof of the mystery and success of Christ's triumph over death on our behalf.

It also celebrates its position directly behind the presider's chair at both the altar of the chapel and main altar for the celebration of the Mass, recognizing the continuity of the mystery of Christ's loving presence in the Eucharistic celebration, and in this case in particular, the guiding and symbolic presence of Christ in the bishop or priestly designate who presides at the Eucharistic table and over the community of the faithful in service.