The Galaxy Model for the Atom

The Galaxy Model for the Atom is a Theory of  Everything
that describes matter as basically being made from smaller
versions of itself, like galaxies are made from atoms.
Atoms are modelled as spinning discs, like galaxies.

The Universe is proposed to be a  fractal, based on an
atom/galaxy iteration. Galaxies are 10^22m in size.
Atoms are 10^-9m in diameter. The matter making up atoms
must be 10^-40m in size. And so on down.

This means that there is "fractal radiation", as well;
fractional emr that is 31 orders of magnitude smaller
than our own. Space must be full of these smaller
photons and neutrinos produced by the mini-suns
that make up electrons and fuse this mini-matter.

And finally, it means that none of us is alone.
We are completely awash in intelligent life that
inhabits every one of our own Milky Way
Carbon atoms.
periodic table as concentric rings

The above animation suggests  that discs may be used to
model atoms. The animation below turns these discs
once every time they precess twice in order to
provide a model for Benzene that needs no "delocalization"
or mathematical sleight-of-hand.
benzene as spinning/precessing discs

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