Is It Herpes virus that causes hair loss, joint pain,
 periodic depressions, and blood vessel disease?
Is this also what makes those marks on peoples'

Here are the effects I experienced with Herpes:

1. Hair loss/changes, crusty scalp sores.
2. Low back pain, sore sacrum.
3. Blood vessel soreness.
4. Joint pain.
5. Depression.
6. Sciatica (pain and spasming muscles in the hips, legs)
7. Arthritis in the elbows, fingers, hips and lower back.
8. A tipping of the pelvis which brings the bum down
and shifts the center of gravity so one must bring head
and shoulders forward to compensate.

I found that all of these signs/symptoms would come and
go, but body wellness was gradually declining as time went by.

Since I became a vegan the trend has reversed.

This is how I am now:
hula at 60
My back is getting incredibly
flexible again.

In 1972, when I was in Medical school, 22 years old, and in the peak of health,
I caught something. A rash at first, and then what doctors called a 'non-specific
urethral inflammation'. It changed my life.
I immediately started rapidly losing my hair. I had attacks of severe pain in my
hips and lower back. I had sudden, severe episodes of depression. Occasionally
I would notice that all my nailbeds were sore and if I rolled the vessels in my arms,
they would also feel sore. My hips and back got progressively stiffer until running
was a memory; on
a good day I could walk without limping, but not without pain. Periodically (as are
all these symptoms) my scalp would have bad dandruff, and weepy, crusty sores
would just appear on my scalp. One memorable day a whole section of my hair
reversed the way it lay, and I found it was because that whole area of scalp was
swollen and painful. Some days my hair would be incredibly dry, like straw, and
other days it would be incredibly oily/greasy.

The appearance of my face also changed. The skin under my eyes became
dark and sunken, and a spot on the point of each cheekbone would sometimes
become inflamed and swollen like a pimple that never came to a head, and then
leave behind a more and more prominent dent or pit.
My skin color also became worse- paler and kind of pasty-looking. Look around;
how many people do you
 see with these marks under their eyes? Those marks in
adults appear IMO to be associated with
Herpes 2 in some way.

The next sign is hair loss/scalp eruptions.
facial signs of herpes  facial signs of herpes II
The red marks are when this spot is inflamed and swollen; inbetween times they are a
darker sort of pit/crease. These appear as horizontal dents on the cheekbone area. As time
goes on they can become a quite long, deep crease. The blue half-moons are
not only bluish, but they are sunken- and the skin at the bottom has lost its turgor- it looks kind
of loose. It's like the layer under the skin has shrunk away. The woman above appears to have
had hers for several years.

By the time I was 27, there was no way I could run. When my hips were acting up,
it was all I could do just to walk. Since then I have seen so many people limping along
with those marks on their faces and bad hair, it makes me sad.

I vowed to find out how to fix this. AND I HAVE DISCOVERED HOW!! It's easy, but it
takes some time. Now I am pain-free, my hair is healthy (though still slowly receding, at least
it's not falling out in droves while alternately going dry as straw to total grease), my face
has colour, and I can run as easily as when I was 20.
(In 1972, all I could find in my Medical books was Reiter's Syndrome, which also mentions
loss of the outer third of the eyebrow and one or more episodes of iritis. Other people
have mentioned an early facial nerves area episode such as neuralgia. I, myself, had
iritis. I think these symptoms come when the virus makes its first pass through the
trigeminal nerve.)

It has been my observation that this organism is apparently responsible for many of the
aging symptoms involving circulatory system, joints, nerves, and hair loss. Stopping
it is easy to do, but requires care and dedication and some time. Would you like to
regain your health? Are you serious about putting those attacks of pain and disability
behind you? Do you want your hair to be soft and shiny again and grow long, strong and elastic?

How I eat now I would call being a Vegan Plus.

<>Don't eat anything except unadulterated plants. No thick fats.
Especially watch out for hydrogenated fats and transfats. Don't cook with oils at
temperatures above their 'smoke point'. Don't bake with olive oil, for instance.
Grapeseed oil is better for frying and baking.  My sister gave me a popcorn-popper one
Christmas and I found that it caused that stinging scalp itch that I have learned signals
bad food. At first I couldn't figure out what it was that I was eating that I shouldn't.
Then a friend's brother, who is a chef, told me about smoke points and oil. I was using
olive oil to pop my popcorn, and the popper was exceeding the olive oil's smoke point,
causing transfats to be produced. I started using grapeseed oil instead, and my popcorn
no longer is an issue.

 Also I have found some tropical oils such as coconut and palm oils affect me negatively.
(Coconut oil *is* naturally hydrogenated!)  Safflower oil, which is the only one containing
all six fatty acids, and you would think would be super-healthy, made my symptoms worse
for some reason. I had forgotten that, and my daughter made some kuchen with Safflower
oil recently, which I ate. Many of my symptoms made a brief unwelcome return.

Is it perhaps that  the  viruses and such  involve themselves with these fats while in transit
through the body in order to hide from our defences? When they get to their target, i.e. the
lesion on the inside of a blood vessel, they would discard this fat as plaque. Anyway, when
the only cholesterol in your blood is your own, manufactured in your own liver, perhaps
these organisms won't be able to travel nearly as easily, and your body can eventually beat
them back wherever they are trying to establish footholds, like in your joints, in your arteries,
in your brain.

Microbiologist Catherine Fabricant of Cornell University showed that herpesvirus
caused cholesterol to accumulate in cultured cells from cats. Since then heart surgeon
Michael Debakey at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas has found evidence of herpes
infection in arterial tissue taken from patients with severe atherosclerosis. He replaced a
patient's heart and in less that five years it was completely riddled with Herpes again. A
study decades ago found herpesvirus in 55% of arterial plaque samples.


There are some
nutrients that are difficult to get without eating  animal products. Like Calcium which is in
broccoli and some of the B vitamins like B12. Chick peas have lots of B- eat them with
jalopena peppers and sunflower seeds.  Ummm, yummy, but hot enough to make your nose
run and your eyes water.

It is false that you need meat to get protein. All plants have protein. It is just that individually
none of them have all six of the essential amino acids. But choose the right two or three plants
and eat them together and you get all the protein you need. These are called *complementary*
plants. Basically, rice and beans eaten at the same time give you the same protein value or better
as an equivalent weight of prime steak. And lots of soya milk now have Calcium and Vitamine
supplements. There are also some very nice rice milks out there.

Another good pair of plants that make a complete protein when eaten together are wheat and
peanuts. Think: peanut butter sandwich. Yes. A peanut butter sandwich is equivalent,
pound-for-pound,  to a steak.

What I do is make sure I get supplements.  Ensure is good, I drink it regularly.  Also, there are
products available now like veggieburgers  and veggie hotdogs that have Vitamin B12 etc  added
to them.

March 16, 2004 update:

Several months ago, now, my lower back area was kind of sore, so I skipped work so I could lie in
bed around the clock. When I got up, I found that when I stood up, my body was at a different
angle. My pelvis had changed angle, bringing
it up at the back  and  down at the front. This caused
my spine to tilt forward as it comes up and I  now had to bring my shoulders and head further
back to compensate. I realized that this was how I used to be before all my hip problems. Suddenly
I can operate a hula hoop easily,again, which I couldn't do for years.  Also, as soon as my
hips 'retroflected', which I believe to be because swelling of some kind was reduced and the pelvis
was allowed to sit in its preferred position, my back is extremely thankful. It is realigning itself
and much, much stronger than before.

March 2007 update:

My back is pretty much totally
flexible again- greatly increased trunk strength in all directions.

I think the virus hides in the nerves. Perhaps the ganglia.
I think it travels to different locations through the
body using the nerves, and perhaps the swelling of the nerve sheath
causes symptoms like sciatica. That's why it's so hard to get rid of.

Is it perhaps the swelling of the nerve bundles that is forcing the skeletal system
out of alignment, thus causing additional pain  and deterioration? I'm sure it's not that simple.

May 2009 update:

I've been doing chin-ups at work to exercise. I can now do 12 full-hang
chin-ups five days out of seven. My goal is 20. I recently had a whole layer
of stiffness leave me, which seems to be associated with how my ribs are
interacting with my straightening spine.

September 4, 2009 update:

A dive off a floating dock resulted in a clumsy bellyflop, and when I hit the water
my back in the middle suddenly bent slightly painfully downward. I now no
longer have a kink on the right side that had been there so long I forgot about it.

My spine is now equally strong on both sides and bends and straightens
more easily.

July 24, 2010 update:

The arch in my spine started coming back in the
middle, but has lately been increasing one spot at a time
lower and lower down my spine. After the last release,
my 'love handles' disappeared. They're not fat- they occur
when the spine doesn't rise sharply enough out of the
pelvic girdle. As the arch in the spine increases
at the back, the abdomen seems to flatten out because it
has more room to deploy.
*Much* more lower back mobility now.

<>I can really see now what happens to peoples' spines with this. The pelvis tilts
back, which tucks the bum under bringing the lower spine up going more back
than it was. Now the head and shoulders have to be brought forward in order
to maintain balance which rounds the spine forward. In walking,
now, when the leg is brought up, it must also go outward, so you see a kind of
funny knees-coming-up-and-to-the-side-type-walk with the bum tucked under
and the head bobbing forward.


Lately a vegan diet has also been found to reverse many of the effects of diabetes.
Put this together with very recent indications that it is a defect in the sensory nerves
supplying the pancreatic cells, not the cells themselves, that cause diabetes (type 2).

If you do try this diet, keep at it. It takes several
years to reverse the processes that these organisms
have established. Please let me know if you do.


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