Missing                                       MP3       Video               Behind the Lyrics
DOWN!                                       MP3         Video              Behind the Lyrics
Another Day                              MP3         Video              Behind the Lyrics
Pieces of a Broken Heart         MP3       Lyric Video     Behind the Lyrics
Summershine                             MP3        Lyric Video     Behind the Lyrics
Once You Know Me                   MP3        Lyric Video     Behind the Lyrics
Down for the Count                   MP3        Video              Behind the Lyrics
Quote of the day:
"It's not what you say, it's what they hear"
Johny Dangle

Welcome to the official Kevin Antrobus exclusive insider fan page.  Here you will find the MP3s, the videos, the song sheets, and the artist’s interpretations in “behind the lyrics”. 


"Having toured the world, and more, fronting superstar rock bands such as Rapid Fire, Red Line, Get Lucky, Tazmania and Play Zone – Antrobus developed his “Heat and Swerve ” vocal delivery which earned him hundreds of thousands of screaming fans worldwide.  Now, in his solo career, Antrobus - a graduate of The Wizard Academy,  continues to take no prisoners with his own brand of melodic, metallic, rock.  Get on The Bus!"

- Rob Tokar, Vixen&Venom Magazine