FRITZ Family - some notes

Charles Keast (1911-1975) married Lena Fritz (____-1979) in 1931. see also: Keasts

These pages were assembled in March 2006 by Larry Elliott.

As a Canadian Centennial (1967) project, many prairie towns started tp prepare local history books. Most of the Fritz information I have comes from two of those books.

From the Turning of the Sod - The story of the early settlers in the R.M. of Hart Butte No.11 (1980) (now mostly Coronach)

Gathering of Memories - Fife Lake, Constance, Little Woody and Area (1981)

George and Catherine Fritz - From the Turning of the Sod.

Joseph and Helen Fritz - Gathering of Memories.

Peter and Annie Fritz - From the Turning of the Sod.

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