FRITZ: George and Catherine

The following text and pictures are taken, verbatim, from the book, From the Turning of the Sod - Coronach 1980.

Peter (father) and wife, George and wife Catherine (nee Dormith), Adam, Pete and a sister migrated from Hungary to Regina in 1905. Peter was a brew master in the old country and took pride in making his 'brew'. He was a professional tailor in Regina for a few years. In 1906 Peter homesteaded N.W.2-3-28. He passed away in 1929.

George and Catherine homesteaded N 1/2 6-3-27 near Hart, Saskatchewan. Together they had eight children. Peter (deceased), George (deceased), Eva (deceased - killed in a horse runaway accident on the way home from school in August, 1922), Lena (deceased), Joe (deceased), Anne, Johnny and Mary. The children all attended Berg School.