Big Beaver Nature Centre

The Big Beaver Museum and Nature Centre started in 1975 in conjunction with the Big Muddy Guided Tour Association. The Alliance Church was purchased from Buffalo Gap to house the areas artifacts. Artifacts were brought in by people of the community. These included sandstone concreations and other rocks, native artifacts such as hammers, hatchets, and stones used to make pemmican. Ancient sea shells were found and brought in to the museum. The first two summers, Anton Yost of Rockglen, a former taxidermist, lent the Big Beaver Nature Centre a collection of different birds. There is various animals mounted from the Big Beaver area. There is a mounted timber wolf, racoons, a deer and other various attractions. There are several interesting pictures of sights along the badlands tour, as well as information compiled on the outlaws that once hid in the Big Muddy. There is a variety of souvenirs for sale, including hats, sweaters, pins and spoons. There are also souvenirs found at the General Store just a short walk away from the Museum.