How much does the trip cost?

"Previous trips have been around the $3000.00 dollar mark, based on ticket prices, fuel surcharges etc…., this year (2015) we are expecting it to be around $3150.00. However, the more students that are involved, this price could go down."

Who goes on the trip?

"The students, two teachers and 1 board member depending on the number of studetns. We try to do a ratio of 6 students to 1 chaperone, costs permitting."

What costs are covered by the trip amount of $3150.00?

"The costs that are covered are ticket price, flight insurance (group), gifting for the teachers and the dignitaries when they are here, and gifting for the school (principle), teachers, and the parent association while we are in Yokohama. Other costs that are covered, are the cost of one or more of the chaperone tickets, depending on number going as Air Canada provides one free ticket for every 16 purchased."

What type of I.D. should my child take?

"Three pieces of I.D, at least one with a picture, all current. The reasoning for this, is, in case you lose your passport between Canada and Japan. This has happened, and the student was almost sent back. The student was not allowed to enter Japan, and was accompanied by a chaperone to a holding place at the airport until I.D. and a new passport could be purchased. Lots of footwork and phone calls by the chaperones and the board members back home enabled this student to stay.

What is expected of the students while in Japan?

"The students are expected to follow the rules of the home they are in, whether it is shoes off at the door, or curfew."

What is expected of the parents/students while the Japanese students are here?

"Parents/students are expected to entertain the students, provide meals, and transportation to and from any planned activities while the students are here. The students are also expected to listen to the chaperones on the excursions. The Japanese students will be expected to follow your rules while in your home. They may ask if they can cook a meal for you."

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