What do Host Families do?

Saskatchewan Families

Host families look after students in their homes doing the every day things the family dose, showing the student a typical day here. This may include meal preperation, giving them a taste of what is considered an average home cooked meal. Arrangements are made for movie nites, shopping excursions and lasertag. Weather permitting the group may get together for a little iggloo building. We intoduce them to local sports.

With arrangements previously made by spyse, the students can attend a day(s) of classes with the host family student. The host family also ensures the exchange student is able to attend events as required.

Spyse arranges four or five trips to local museums, The RCMP training academy and the provincial legislature. Cultural displays are also arranged as well as a potluck meal.

Yokohama Families

Students and host families go on many trips that through the school and with the host family. One trip included a trip to a black sand beach by the ocean and students are allowed to go swimming. They also take students to our door concerts that had a fireworks at the end of the show. One trip was to a karaoke tower. They have an entire tower which is dedicated to singing karaoke. These are just some of the trips taken. The students are fed a local Japanese diet.