What do students do in Yokohama, Japan

Listed below is the itinerary from the 2013 trip

  • July 20 arrival...arrive in Japan, travel to school to meet host families, and send kids to their host families.
  • July 21 Leaders meeting...I met with the exchange co-ordinators, and was provided with an outlay of the coming weeks. The kids were with their respective families, probably resting or shopping as it was a long flight and bus ride (2 and ½ hrs ) from airport to Yamate school
  • July 22 kids were having family day with host families...chaperones were entertained by their host teachers.
  • July 23 Trip to Tokyo...buses picked us up at the school and we toured Tokyo, did the sight seeing, took a cruise boat with the other schools and toured the waterways in Tokyo.
  • July 24 another family day for the kids
  • July 25 Trip to Yokohoma, site seeing
  • July 26 family day for students
  • July 27 family day for students
  • July 28 Cultural Day...all students arrived at the school and participated in different activities from fan making, yakata gown, noodle making, tea ceremony. Pictures from this excursion will be loaded as they become available
  • July 29 family day
  • July 30 family day
  • July 31 trip to Tokyo Disney resort...we met at the school, and went by bus to Disney. The Japanese Parent association provided the passes to get into Disney, as well as the ride passes. They also provided everyone with 1500 Yen ($15.00) to purchase our lunch. Once the day was done (6pm, ) we went back to the school and kids went back to the host families.
  • Aug. 1 family day...this was also a Japanese annual fireworks, so I would assume that most of the kids got to go to the harbour to see them.
  • Aug.2 family day
  • Aug.3 met at the school, and departed for our long trip home. Lots of tears from our students and theirs.

Plans are currently underway for the 2015 exchange. As details become available we'll be posting them for visitors to see