2011's Trip

One students experience from this years trip

Comments from Yumi...

Having gone to Japan before, the tatami rooms, the lush greenery outside our window, and the crowded streets were familiar to me. Thus, watching my friends experience Japan for the first time was probably the most amusing part of our time there. Even then, I had a few new experiences of my own to enjoy. The best part of this exchange, however, is making friends who you never would have met otherwise. This trip started out with a standing ovation, thanks to our being late to getting to the school. I won't forget hearing the roaring applause and the cheers from our friends when we finally made it into the meeting hall. After being separated from out Yamate friends in April, it was great to be almost trampled by the onslaught of people trying to make their way through the crowd and hug us in greeting after so long apart.

You don't forget experiences like this. Exchanges, like this one, are incredibly fun and a great learning experience. You learn about the Japanese culture in a personal, hands on way. It's not like reading a book or watching TV shows. It's right there in your face, and it's wonderful. I encourage anyone who's even a little curious to take this trip. It's guaranteed to be unforgettable