This page is dedicated to the accumulation and dissemination of information that will enrich the knowledge base of peachfaced lovebird and budgerigar owners, hybridizers and selective or exhibition breeders, by providing a greater practical and theoretical familiarity with large scale colony and cage breeding activities and mechanics.  It will also attempt to shed light on artificial selection and breeding with the intent of describing the many methodologies and principles surrounding a program aimed at developing a line, strain or variety of birds.  It will also examine the ethics of hybridization and the best way to approach this objective.

Descriptions of new research findings, behaviors, experiences and hybrid breeding processes are welcome.  They can be forwarded to the web master, who will see that they are posted here.  The site examines potentially contentious colony breeding methods, and breeding comparisons, as well as success with other bird and parrot species, and their similarity to Agapornis roseicollis (lovebirds).  As a consequence of your participation I am hoping that we will all gain a greater understanding of what is possible with our parrots, parakeets and pigeons.  Some of the information on these pages may be completely erroneous, but until someone can correct it or provide a different position I wont change anything. Some perspectives may anger you, but hopefully they will also help you to think about the way we currently perceive our birds. Please help me to correct or improve parts of this sites, or add more to these pages.  Articles are welcome.

It seems that much of the necessary information required to selectively breed is contested.  Everyone has their own method, practices and beliefs.  I would like to include some of them at this site so that people have the opportunity to see the variety of thoughts and disagreements that are associated with producing a winning line.  Some may not like the methods used and actions taken, but they are obviously successful if someone has been breeding for many years with a high degree of success

The Interactive Peachfaced Lovebird Breeding page is a personal, non-profit page and is provided to increase my own knowledge, hopefully the knowledge of the lovebird community at large, and all of those who contribute.  The site addresses hybridization, and recognizes its importance and value, but also the down side, when practiced indiscriminately.  Please lend your own thoughts and opinions on this subject, so that we can all obtain a greater familiarity with how others perceive it.

Let me say at the outset, that the intent of the page is to elicit electronic exchange and dialogue between neophyte lovebird owners with aspirations of breeding, and the experienced breeder with hundreds or thousands of birds.  The success of this site and consequently its longevity is heavily contingent upon the participation of knowledgeable selective breeders (lovebirds, budgerigar or other), who are willing to share their experiences, tips and methodology with the next generation.  Many of these breeders may have acquired their knowledge directly through: hands-on “development” of  a new "strain" or “variety”; academic training; years of breeding in colony or cage situations or a combination there-of.


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Agapornis roseicollis catumbella


Primary Mutations 
Combination Mutations
Hybridism  S.W.O.T
An Inbreeding Opinion
Nestling Attributes
Selective Breeding
Colony Breeding
Origin of Bird Species
Inbreeding: Walking the Tightrope, by Frank Daelemans
(The Australian Racing Pigeon Journal)
Excess Birds
 Q & A Pages
Your Pet: A Hybrid ?
Physical Trait Inheritance
Longfeather Theory / Opinion 
Colony Observations
Say NO to Hybrids!
Breeding Methodologies 
International Names 
& genetic frequencies
Species? Hybrids?
Agapornid Incubation Chart
Dwarfism in 
roseicollis ?
Inbreeding Ethics
Inbreeding Fertility 
Secrecy in the Bird World: 
Good or Bad ?
Coming Soon
What Bird is This?? 
Hybridized  Agapornis

Topics requiring your input and participation

If you raise Peachfaced Lovebirds and have a good clear photo of a single bird showing the attributes of a specific color mutation or color combination, please identify it and e-mail it for inclusion in the picture galleries.  Pictures that are chosen for display will be identified by sender, breeder or business.  As well, if you have an electronic picture of a large cage or colony breeding operation please it to the Web master .  The same photo credit applies.

 all e-mail containing photographs will receive a reply.

Question and Answer Pages

Selective Breeding
Excess stock
Nestling Attributes
Colony and Cage Breeding
Varieties / Strains

Thank you for dropping in. I hope something was of interest, and not simply irritating or infuriating.  If you feel the site was less than interesting or thought provoking,, please let me know what you think requires further clarification or correction or perhaps inclusion.  Questions or suggestions will be handled by the Web master .



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Color Mutations and Hybrids

LINKs opposed to Hybridization or dislike the need for hybrid parrot / bird education and methods to protect existing "pure" populations ("species")


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As a dedicated hobbyist, and not a trained veterinarian, ornithologist, bird behaviorist or aviculturalist,  I encourage people to talk to those breeders or trained individuals that interact with a large number of birds on a day to day basis, before attempting any of the things identified in these pages:

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