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Please remember that this site is provided for breeder interaction and discussion. The opinions, processes and methodology suggested for improving a stud are the result of experience or of theory.  They are here for discussion purpose ONLY ! Please do not assume that because they are posted they will benefit you without careful selection and historical knowledge of your own birds... this would be an erroneous assumption.  If something appears interesting or different, please seek further clarification through questions rather than haring off after an ill-conceived thought or idea.

Please remember that questions and answers are sent from all over the world, and some may not necessarily apply to your situation.

Q1    Why on earth are you talking about colony breeding if you want to have a site that deals with exhibition birds and selective breeding ?  At one time this was vetted and discussed ad nauseum in the bird world, and I think you will find few people today who would suggest colony breeding... what is your reason?

A1    True, the best mechanism currently identified for improving and selecting birds for exhibition or show is the cage.  However, many fanciers also enjoy the old style (monitored) flock breeding.  It is an exciting past time, and has visitors looking at birds in an open area and asking questions about their behaviorr, and the same question you have put to me.  I enjoy the colony breeding aspect more than the cage aspect. I did not indicate that I bred or housed my birds exclusively in colonies.

I was hoping someone would ask that question.  Most people would be afraid to ask it and just assume, as you have done, that I refer to colony breeding exclusively.  I am looking for input on the cage side, but I thought the colony breeding situation would cause some questions to be asked and get this site up and moving before it is picked up and displayed by the search engines.

on another note, when you have developed a strain to a point where there is little worry regarding internal mating, it is a pleasure to be able to deal with the birds in a colony situation... none would believe they were a selected strain.  The breeder always needs to watch for any up-cropping of faults or some unusual situation and be prepared to return them to their cages if a fault occurs.

To reiterate, the cage system is the best method for selection and pedigree, but I find the colony situation more conducive to generating questions, and it is always interesting to receive various impressions, from a variety of breeders, regarding the pros and cons of each.

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