Come, look with me inside this drawer, in this box I've often seen.
At the pictures, black and white, faces proud, still, serene.
I wish I knew the people, these strangers in the box.
Their names and all their memories are lost among my socks.
I wonder what their lives were like. How did they spend their days?
What about their special times?  I'll never know their ways.
If only someone had taken time to tell whom, what, where, or when,
These faces of my heritage would come to life again.
Could this become the fate of the pictures we take today?
The faces and the memories someday to be passed away?
Make time to save your stories; seize the opportunity when it knocks,
Or someday you and yours could be
The Strangers in the Box
Bellegarde Baseball Team
Front Row - L to R.  Felix Martine,Andy Sylvester (manager, postman)  Alvin Gervais, George Gervais, Dr. Paul Martine (coach)Second Row - L to R. Roland Wolynski, Felix Martine, John Perreaux
Back Row - L to R.  Fernie Perreaux, Gerry George,  Alphonse George, Roger Wolynski
Photo taken by Albert Bauche

I've been going back umpteen years trying to wiff off the dust of the 1930's to see if I might be able to give you a bit of history on the baseball team players names.  In the late 20s and early 30s the ball diamond was located on the east side of the present hall, as this was virgin land.  I can remember that standing behind the backstop we would be looking north/east towards the present bridge area.  The MAGAZIN as it was called (which is still standing in the present park, unused) stood approximately where the waiting room of the old curling rink was.  There was also, in the area where the Alphonse George house is, an octoganol open bandstand where the local band would perform on picnic day, this was an elevated stand, but it was cut down when it was moved onto the present park.  I'm sure you remember it as it stood north of your house.  The ball diamond must have been moved around 1934/35 because we were living  north of Antler at the time.

It was moved again in the 1960's to its present location, with two more diamonds were added to accommodate an ever increasing number of teams participating in our tournaments. Teams like Reston, Pipestone, Grande Clairier, Antler and several others.
(this needs a bit of updating)

The following players were no doubt our origianl team members as they were first generation of immigrants, circa 1920 to mid 1930s.  Names like Alphonse Sylvestere, Felix Sylvester, Andre Sylvestre, George Gervais, Arthur Gervais, Gilbert Perreaux, Louis Moreau, Alphonse Moreau, Maurice Moreau, Aime Wilvers, Dee Marchand and Harvey Barrie.

The following players played a prominent roll on the senior team over the years of  operation within the Albert-Pipestone baseball league and plaed in numerous regional tournaments.  The years of activity were between 1947 and 1965.(approx.)

Local players were Lucien Garner, Henri Poirier, Charly Poirier, Gerry Poirier, Stan Poirier, Lucien Paulhus, Albert Bourgeois, Armand Bergeron, Arthur Belisle, Ed Kennedy and Ed Perreaux.

Occasional players over the years were Niel Courtoreille, Jim Raisbeck, Keith Raisbeck, Bill Raisbeck, Ovilla Millette, Nonoreus Millette, and Don Hunter. 
The only proof that I have (so far) of a baseball team in Bellegarde is the photo that is shown above!!  tisk, tisk!..................

The above information was provided by John Perreaux (first baseman for the Bellegarde Team.  I think Felix Martine contributed his two bits as well. tisk, tisk. 

After I read this information the name Don Hunter popped into my mind.  Guess what.  I even found his picture in one of my scrapbooks from that era.  Here it is with original quote from yours truly...............

Here is a history of the Bellegarde Baseball Team courtesy of Uncle John Perreaux...........
Some of my British Columbia Family
Uncle Henry must be proud
From Left - Vern, Theresa and Brad, Marjorie, Brad, Reighmore, Terri, Jodie, Ed, Doreen
Squatting down are Sarah, Brandon, Rylee, Lauren, Greg and Tony