Two Brothers Peraux Assassinated - 1806
While on our trip to Belgium in 2000, Marc took us to Sensenruth near Bouillon to see a headstone marking two brothers that were murdered there.  Apparently as the story goes the two brothers, Jean and Nicolas Joseph Peraux were travelling the road to the town of Glaumont on horseback.  They were going for supplies and were accosted and murdered by robbers.  The robbers were after the money they had on them to buy supplies.  The robbers were unsuccessful in the robbery, since the boys had hidden the money on the horse.  The horse shyed and headed for home with the money.   The robbers were caught and hung.  The brothers have become part of the folklore in the area.  So much so, that the winter of 2000 had caused the stone to be bowled over and broken by a snowplow.  The locals repaired the stone and reinstalled it next to the road.  You can see some of the repair work on the top of the stone. Engraving on the stone reads "Here were assissinated the two brothers, Jean and Nicolas Joseph Peraux of Glaumont on September 23, 1806.  Rest in Peace, Amen" 
When you consider that Belgium had many battles fought on its soil during two world wars,  it seems incredible that this little headstone has survived all that must have been going on around it.