Interesting Facts and Statistics around the year 1911
The story of how our grandparents came to Canada begins with the story of a ship, the SS. Mount Temple.  This is the ship they came to Canada on.  If you go to the following website you will get an idea of the importance this ship played in our story.
If you go to the following site you will see the testimony given to the inquiry into why Captain James H. Moore could not get to the Titanic in order to help save passengers. The Titanic sank April 14, 1911.  Our grandparents arrived on the Mount Temple on March 8th, 1911. Coincidence?????
Database Statistics
You may be wondering how all the information in the generations pages were compiled and controled.  Good question.  Marc and I both use the same genealogy program that helps us to generate reports, both ancestral and descendant.   The program is called Brothers Keeper for Windows Version 6.  If you go to "Ed's Interests" on my opening page you will see where you can download the program yourselves .You may order the registered program with the manual for $45.00 US.
Once you have the program all you need is a gedcom file of all the information that we have in our database.  I can provide you with the gedcom file for a minimal cost (less than $20.00) subject to change without notice.
An interesting feature of this program is finding out how you are related to someone else in the database.  In other words how are you related to me for example.  Give me a call and I will gladly run a check on any relationship you are interested in. 
Currently the database contains the names of:  14004 people consisting of 4856 families.

Descendants of X Perau - ( as of February 16, 2004)

                            Descendants      Spouses
Generation  1                       1              1
Generation  2                       3              1
Generation  3                       7              6
Generation  4                      21             14
Generation  5                      53             18
Generation  6                      93             45
Generation  7                     174             78
Generation  8                     226             97
Generation  9                     242            140
Generation  10                    316            217
Generation  11                    396            187
Generation  12                    358             41

Totals                           1896            845

Now let's see about the descendants of the Canadian Family starting with Leon Perreaux
Descendants of: Léon Perreaux                          

Descendants      Spouses
Generation  1                       1              1
Generation  2                       7              7
Generation  3                      28             29
Generation  4                      51             16
Generation  5                      20              0

Totals                            107             53

And  now the descendants of Prosper Perreaux

Descendants of: Prosper Joseph Perreaux                

Descendants      Spouses
Generation  1                       1              1
Generation  2                       8              6
Generation  3                      30             26
Generation  4                      66             17
Generation  5                      32              0

Totals                                                                                 137                                   50


A follow up story about the SS Mount Temple involves dinosaurs.
Go to  for the story.