For more than ten years, I have been collecting all the genealogical information on the Perreaux family in Canada.  Having accomplished that in 1997, I decided to continue my search throughout the world.  Belgium is the country of origin for my paternal family.  I have had the great pleasure of meeting a fourth cousin in Belgium.  We have been communicating since December of 1997, practically on a daily basis.
Marc, like me, is retired having worked for Electrabel as an industrial electro-mechanical engineer, finishing his career in Arlon in southeastern Belgium.  He is better knows as "Sherlock" to me (a name I gave him) because of his tenacity in researching the Perreaux family.  Marc is married to a lovely lady, Raymonde (Lebichot).
As Marc told me "If all the Perreaux's had emigrated to Canada, they would have had to name a city "Perreaux City".  We believe we have at least another 10 years of work to do.
As a result of our search, I have had to relearn my French, which I had not spoken much over the past 35 years.  It has also been an education in history.  When you consider that we have found relatives dating back to the 17th century (the period between 1600 and 1699), you can't help but try to understand the conditions, politics, religious upheavals and wars that have shaped Belgium and Canada.  During the course of our short search we have found Perreaux spelled 12 different ways.  Here are some: Peraux, Perraud, Perrault, Perraut, Perreau, Perreault, Perreaut and Peraux. There will likely be more.  Our search so far has centered in Belgium but Marc is starting to find relatives in France as well, which is totally understandable considering the proximity of the two countries.  We have found Perreaux's in the Dominican Republic with their relatives in New York.  A Perreaux also served with Britain's "Red Arrows" aerobatic team. Perreaux's are also found in New Zealand though no contact has been made with them as yet.  A more recent contact by the name of Eugen Perreaux has been made in Germany.  Eugen has a website dedicated to his research as well.  Click here

History of the Research