Resting place of Pierre Peraux, priest.
Died May 12, 1751 in Sensenruth, Belgium.

"If you look at the front left side of the church you can see where this stone is situated.  It is attached to the wall of the church because no one knows the exact burial site." - "On peut voire la pierre en avant gauche contre l'eglise.  Nous ne savons pas ou il est enterer."
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Marc Perreaux and Edward Perreaux next to the headstone in 2000
                                             Jean Perau #3989
                            born VERS 1630  died 1693 OU 1707

Henri Perau #238                                       
Pierre Peraux #2224
born VERS 1660  died 7-Sep-1737                         born 7-Mar-1688  died 12-May-1751

Alexandre Perau #241
born 21-Jan-1696  died 10-Dec-1769                                   

Nicolas Pereau #273
born 25-Apr-1734  died 9-May-1797                                    

Jean Baptiste Peraux #335
born 27-Apr-1783  died 20-Mar-1869                              

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux #421
born 18-Apr-1840  died 4-Aug-1926                       

Leon Perreaux #29
born 15-Oct-1882  died 24-Apr-1956                                      

Fernand Perreaux #12
born 24-Mar-1913  died 16-Oct-1984                                   

Noel Edward Perreaux #1
born 25-Dec-1939                                

Pierre Peraux is the 6th great-uncle of  Noel Edward Perreaux    

             Jean Perau #3989

Pierre Peraux #2224                                     Henri Perau #238

                                                        Alexandre Perau #241

                                                        Nicolas Pereau #273

                                                        Jean Nicolas Peraux #337

                                                        Nicolas Joseph Perreaux #431

                                                        Nicolas Joseph Perreaux #596

                                                        Jean Baptiste Perreaux #838

                                                        Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux #1180

Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux is the 5th great grandnephew of Pierre Peraux