Results of our trip to Belgium
in 2000.

Bev and I spent approximately 3 weeks in Belgium in the spring of 2000. March 21 to April 13, 2000 to be precise.  We were accompanied by our friends Robert and Sylvianne Revet.  We took full advantage of their many visits made to France with their relatives.  While there, we met with Marc & Raymonde Perreaux in Arlon, Belgium. Marc is  directly connected genealogically with our family .  He is a 4th cousin to me.
Arlon is a large village in the south east corner of Belgium, bordering on Luxembourg and France.  We spent all of our time visiting relatives and even finding some new ones.  I want you to understand that I have been working closely with Marc for over 3 years now.  Marc is 64 years old and is also retired.  He has unselfishly been working and doing all the genealogical research in Belgium and France.  You could say he has dedicated his life to this research. This involves going to the various archives, churches, town registries, relatives and actually sitting down and writing down all the information he finds.  Sometimes that information even has to be translated from Latin. As a result of Marc's work, he has been able to go back in history and find our earliest ancestors dating back to 1693 where we find Jean Peraux.
To put Marc and all other family members that we met while in Belgium in perspective, I will show you how they are related to Albert Perreaux, son of Prosper Perreaux.  This way it will give you an idea of the various relationships.

Marc Perreaux - Arlon, Belgique

Marc Perreaux (Arlon, Belgique) and Albert Perreaux have a common great-great-great grandfather, Nicolas Perreaux. 

* Nicolas Peraux

Jean Nicolas Peraux                                                                                                                  Jean Baptiste Peraux

Nicolas Joseph Perreaux                                                                                                           Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Nicolas Joseph Perreaux                                                                                                            Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Jean Baptiste Perreaux                                                                                                              Albert Perreaux

Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux

With a common ancestor of Nicolas Perreaux, Albert Perreaux is a third cousin, once removed of Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux.

Our Ancestors

The following chart shows you the relationship between our eldest ancestor, Jean Perau and Albert Perreaux.                   

Jean Perau

Henri Perau

Alexandre Perau

* Nicolas Peraux

Jean Baptiste Peraux

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Albert Perreaux

Albert Perreaux is therefore a 5th great grand son of Jean Perau

The following chart shows you the relationship between I, Edward Perreaux and Marc.
Nicolas Peraux

Jean Baptiste Peraux                                                                                                       Jean Nicolas Peraux

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux                                                                                            Nicolas Joseph Perreaux

Léon Perreaux                                                                                                                    Nicolas Joseph Perreaux

Fernand Perreaux                                                                                                              Jean Baptiste Perreaux

Noel Edward Perreaux                                                                                                       Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux

With a common great-great grandfather, Nicolas Peraux, Noel Edward Perreaux is a fourth cousin of Marc Joseph Lucien Perreaux.

By transposing your names with Albert Perreaux or me, Noel Edward Perreaux, you should be able to more easily see the various connections.  By checking with Jeannine Perreaux (Kyle), she can further help you find your individual places in the family using a computer program called Brother's Keeper that has been used exclusively in Canada and in Belgium to correlate all the findings so far.

That said, I will now go on to tell you about your relatives that are alive and not our ancestors.  I have included photographs of all the people mentioned on separate pages. 

Marie Bertha Felicie Perreaux

One of the first relatives we visited was Marie Bertha Felicie Perreaux.  Berthe as she prefers to be called is a widow without children and lives in Bruxelles, the capital of Belgium.  She is 94 years old, and predeceased by her husband.  This following chart shows you her relationship to Albert Perreaux.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Prosper Joseph Perreaux                                                                                                Constant Perreaux

Albert Perreaux                                                                                                              
Marie Bertha Felicie Perreaux

With a common grandfather of Jean Pierre Perreaux, Albert Perreaux is a first cousin of Marie Bertha Felicie Perreaux.

Philippe Vankerkhove

While visiting with Berthe, we met her nephew Philippe Vankerkhove.  He is 30 years old and wants to come to Canada an go skiing. The following chart shows his relationship to Albert Perreaux.  Philippe is single, but has a lady friend.  He has a chip or as you say in French, "frites" shop in Bruxelles.  He looks after Berthe's every need.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Constant Perreaux                                                                                                               Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Fernand Albert Auguste Perreaux                                                                                      Albert Perreaux
Mady Emilie Perreaux                       

Philippe Vankerkhove                       

With the common ancestor of Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux, Albert Perreaux is a first cousin, twice removed of Philippe

André Arthur Joseph Perreaux

The next family we visited was André Arthur Joseph Perreaux.  André and his wife Anita live in Braine-le-Chateau, approximately 25 kilometers south of Bruxelles.  They have 5 children and 13 grandchildren.  We did not meet all the children.
The following chart shows you his relationship to Albert Perreaux.  André is a very gentle man as is Anita gentle.  André is retired from the railway and now raises prize pigeons which he shows all over France and Belgium.  Anita has a beautiful voice which she uses well while working in her kitchen.  We also met André and Anita's son, Guy, who owns a fish market.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Constant Perreaux                                                                                                                 Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Jean Joseph (Petit)Léon Perreaux                                                                                         Albert Perreaux

André Arthur Joseph Perreaux               

With a common ancestor of Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux, Albert Perreaux is a first cousin, once removed, of André Arthur Joseph Perreaux.

Bertha Marie Gilberte Perreaux

While visiting with André and Anita we also met Bertha Marie Gilberte Perreaux.  Betty, as she prefers to be called is a widow and lives in Bruxelles with a companion.  She is 68 years old.   She has two children which we never met. She is a first cousin to André Arthur Joseph Perreaux.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Constant Perreaux                                                                                                 Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Fernand Albert Auguste Perreaux                                                                                             Albert Perreaux

Bertha Marie Gilberte Perreaux

With a common ancestor, Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux, Albert Perreaux is a first cousin, once removed, of  Bertha Marie Gilberte Perreaux.

A Day of Discovery

We decided to go to St.  Michel, Aisne, France to try and find the family history of my grandmother, Eva Berthe Martin.  You knew her as the wife of Leon Perreaux, my grandfather and brother to Prosper Perreaux.  Totally by accident we found records of a relative on the Perreaux side as well. We were surprised to find the "Acte de Mariage" for Jean Baptiste Perreaux. He is a brother to Prosper and Leon Perreaux.
St. Michel in France is not that far from the Belgian border.  That is where my grandfather, Leon Perreaux met my grandmother. Many Belgians went to France to find work on the farms and as slate masons, carpenters, etc.  As a result of a quick search of the documents in the town hall, Apparently Jean Baptiste Perreaux as well had gone to France to find work.  My grandfather Leon Perreaux was a witness at that wedding as the Acte de Mariage proves.  The following transcription gives you the official version of  that document which was handwritten in French.  What is especially interesting about Jean Baptiste is that we knew nothing of his life at all.  Not even stories passed down from Leon Perreaux.  Further searching indicated that Jean Baptiste Perreaux had a girl child as well
by the name of Eglantine Paule Perreaux.  Jean Baptiste was a bit irresponsible as he abandoned his family several months after Eglantine was born.

Eglantine Paule Perreaux - daughter of Jean Baptiste Perreaux

With a bit of luck and some quick work we found that Eglantine was alive and living in New York City.  She had married a man called Marcel Pierre Landais.   They had a girl called Aline who died of cancer around 1990.  We quickly called New York by phone and found that she was as surprised to hear about us as we were to hear about her existence.  She talks a bit of English, but prefers French.  Eglantine was 88 years old at that time.    It is possible that she has some old photographs in her possession as well.  Eglantine still returns to France for the occasional visit. Since then Eglantine has decided to spend her last days in Paris.
The following chart shows her relationship to Albert Perreaux.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux

Jean Baptiste Perreaux                                                                                                      Prosper Joseph Perreaux

Eglantine Paule Perreaux                                                                                                  Albert Perreaux

Albert Perreaux is the first cousin of
Eglantine Paule Perreaux

Acte de mariage de
Jean Baptiste Perreaux et Georgette Rachel Baudemont

Photocopie certifiée conforme à l'original de la Mairie de St. Michel, France, le 04 avril 2000.
( Copie demandée par Marc Perreaux d'Arlon Belgique et Edward Perreaux de Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada ).

N° 45 - Mariage de Jean Baptiste Perreaux, célibataire, et Georgette Rachel Baudemont, veuve.

L'an mil neuf cent onze (1911), le vingt troisième jour de février à six heures du soir. En la mairie, publiquement et par-devant nous Ernest Legros, fermier adjoint au maire de la commune de Saint-Michel, canton d'Hirson, arrondissement de Vervins, département de l'Aisne, faisant par délégation de M. le Maire en date du vingt un mai mil neuf cent huit (1908) et en son absence, les fonctions d'officier de l'état civil de la dite commune. Ont comparu Jean Baptiste Perreaux, âgé de trente-trois ans, scieur, né à Rossart, commune d'Orgeo, province de Luxembourg (Belgique) le trois octobre mil huit cent soixante dix sept ( 1877) ainsi qu'il résulte de son acte de naissance qu'il nous a représenté, domicilié à Saint Michel non assujetti au service militaire en France en sa qualité d'étranger,  fils majeur de Jean Pierre Perreaux, âgé de soixante quatorze ( 74 ) ans, charpentier et de Marie Dieudonnée Moreau, âgée de soixante huit ans, son épouse sans profession, domiciliés à Antler, aux Canada, non comparants, d'une part.  Et Georgette Rachel Baudemont, âgée de vingt six ans, ménagère, née à St. Michel le vingt-cinq décembre mil huit cent quatre vingt quatre ( 1884 ) ainsi qu'il résulte des  registres de cette commune, domiciliée au même lieu, veuve de Charles Albert Barloy, décédé dans le cinquième arrondissement de Paris le quatorze ( 14 ) Septembre mile neuf cent huit suivant la justification qui nous a été faite par la production de son acte de décès, fille majeur de George Baudemont, mouleur, âgé de quarante sept ans et de Marie Cohidon âgée de quarante sept ans, son épouse, sans profession, domiciliés à St. Michel, ici présents et consentants, d'autre part. Lesquels nous ont requis de procéder à la célébration du mariage projeté entre eux.  Nous avons demandé aux futurs époux ainsi qu'aux personnes présentes ayant qualité pour faire autoriser le mariage, s'il a été fait un contrat de mariage: ils nous ont déclaré qu'ils n'en avaient point fait.  Aucune opposition au dit mariage n'ayant été signifiée, faisant droit à la réquisition qui nous a été adressée, lecture faite, tant des actes représentés qui demeureront annexés au présent après avoir été signés par les parties et par nous que du chapitre six du titre V du code civil, intitulé "Du Mariage" nous avons demandé aux contractants s'ils veulent se prendre pour époux, sur leur réponse séparée et affirmative, déclarons au non de la loi, que Jean Baptiste Perreaux et Georgette Rachel Baudemont son unis par le mariage.  De quoi nous avons rédigé acte en présence de Léon Perreaux, âgé de vingt huit ans, scieur, frère de l'époux: de Jules Seret, âgé de vingt huit ans, tôlier, beau-frère de l'épouse; de Georges Baudemont âgé de vingt neuf ans, mouleur, frère de l'épouse et de Victor Brugnon,  âgé de cinquante neuf ans, marchand de charbon, l'ami des époux, tous quatre domiciliés à St. Michel.  Et ont les comparants et témoins signés avec nous le présent acte après lecture faite. Exeptée Marie Cohidon qui a déclaré ne savoir signer de ce interpellée.

Signatures:   Jean Baptiste Perreaux, Léon Perreaux, Georgette Baudemont, Baudemont, Jules Seret, Brugnon, Baudemont Georges


The following chart shows the family of Jean Pierre Perreaux and the above son, Jean Baptiste Perreaux.  10 children in all.

Jean Pierre Joseph Perreaux & Marie Dieudonnee Moreau

Joseph Perreaux

Marie Joséphine Perreaux

Constant Perreaux

Marie Félicie Perreaux

Jean Baptiste Perreaux

Marie Félicie Perreaux

Léon Perreaux

Prospère Joseph Perreaux

Jules Perreaux

                                                   Léopold Perreaux