JEFF WINARD BAND - 2009 Polkafest
Regina Casino.

   Grant Kozera-Myself-Jeff Winard

BELTUNA EURO 1V  - with MusicTech midi, condensor mikes.  LMMM- Cleveland tuned

1953 Pancordion Baton with modified grill.
LMMM Cleveland tuned. PU's, plays well, in tune, some scratches and cosmetic marks on body.New straps etc. Consignment and $3500 USD.

63/64 Baton ll PANcordion - LMMM,
8/M/3 -. Serial # 1972.
Has one piece reed blocks.
. Keys yellowed, but plays excellent.
Musictech Q select midi installed. Sennheiser mics.   
Another one of my personal boxes.
Will SELL.