Current Weather Information for Saskatchewan, Canada

The image links are the most recent for my region. I have compiled what I think are the best images for each different type of information. That means that the images are all from different sources. All images are the property of the individual sources. To calculate local Saskatchewan time subtract 2 hours from EDT, 1 hour from CDT or 6 hours from Universal Time (GMT, Z). Saskatchewan's time does not change throughout the year and remains on Central Standard Time (CST) year round. Universal Time does not change either during the year so the difference between the 2 times zones remains constant.

If there are any other images links you would like to see on this page let me know. I will try to make sure that the images offered are the best for the Regina region. If you notice that an image is consistently displaying old data let me know and I will look for an alternative. All images should be no older than 3 hours old and most are usually less than 2 hours old.