This website supports the use of Weather Exchange, the world's Largest Free Weather Station Network.  The Weather Exchange is a free PC desktop application that accesses live weather data from personal weather station owners, schools, businesses and government agencies.  Anyone with a personal weather station, PC, and Internet connection can automatically report data to the free weather server.  This weather network is a partnership between Ambient and the Weather Underground.

Weather Exchange software can be downloaded for free!  For more information about this program visit the Weather Exchange forum.

To setup the software to display the weather for this weather station and others in the area,  during the initial setup select 'International' and enter 71863 as the WMO code.  Next in the 'Select Station' list at the bottom of the page, select ISASKATC4 which is this site's Weather Underground ID.

The weather data from this station is uploaded to Weather Exchange server every 15 minutes.  Unfortunately some some of the weather data is incomplete for Canadian sites (ie:normals and records, forecast) however it is hoped that in the future this will also be available.

If you have any questions/comments or require assistance setting this up let me know.