Literacy in the Digital Age


Literacy in the Digital Age



Welcome to our website.


This website is intended to be an online constructivist learning experience. It is not intended to "give" you the "answers". Rather, it is intended to supply you with our thoughts and experiences, as well as any informative sources and resources that we have discovered in our investigations related to literacy and learning experiences past, present and future.


Hopefully this website will  help you to begin to think about the issues surrounding literacy in relation to apparent gender differences and the possible impact of Information Communications Technologies and gender as they may relate to the "redefinition of literacy" in the 21st Century . It is not intended to supply you with "quick or formula fixes" as the issues are too complex. However, it will provide examples that you may feel free to springboard from to further the development of 21st century literacy skills and instructional practices in your classrooms, schools, communities and homes.

The purpose of this website is the gathering of information and thoughts surrounding the issue of understanding and supporting children's literacy in Saskatchewan and beyond. We hope to stimulate thought, questions and creativity relative to contemporary literacy challenges more so than to provide "the answers" or profess to be experts in this complex field of study. However, we hope to provide relevant information to help you better understand the issues at hand as well as to suggest possible actions you can take to support and develop literacy in our schools and communities.


The essence of this learning object is to provide "practical" suggestions for teachers to address the "literacy" needs of students in our classrooms and highly communicative society. The particular focus will be on males as they are seemingly falling behind females in relation to literacy.  In order to do this, there is a preamble that places the larger issue of children's literacy in context. This preamble is international not just local. Much data reveals this and our website will certainly not reveal all issues that exist on the international playing field but we will attempt to include those that seem to be most relevant based on our experiences as classroom teachers, educational consultants and administrators.


The preamble will be followed by a review of the literature about literacy with a focus on apparent gender differences in literacy development. The significance Information Communications Technologies (ICT's) may have in the future of literacy development and learning supports will be considered and included where applicable as ICT's are certainly an increasingly important component in children's school and personal lives today.


Finally, we will suggest a new definition of "literacy" and implications that the 21st Century  redefinition of literacy may have relative to potential personal student learning strategies and developmental instructional strategies based on this  burgeoning contemporary definition of 21st literacy.






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