Our First Two Litters

The small pups are about two or three months old, the larger pups are eight to nine monts old.  Taylor, the mom of the first litter, took over the care and training of the second litter.  Nikki, the "B" litter's mom didn't teach them anything and was happy to be away from them.  Taylor couldn't stand being away from the pups and needed to get in there and be involved.

Taylor with Nikki's pups

Taylor had her litter of puppies about eight months before this picture was taken.  Nikki, not being the prime example of a good mother, did not want to train, teach or care much for her pups.  Taylor, being a very serious and intense mother, gladly took over the role of being a step mom to these pups.  She kept them in line and taught them well.

          Taylor and "B" litter pup

Those are Taylor's puppies on the  other side of the fence.

          "A" and "B" litter pups

February in Saskatchewan.  Good thing they're coats are made for this kind of weather.  All of our dogs live inside however.  They can stay out for as long as they want but we don't make them live outside and they're not out for long if it's really cold.

Bart and his pups

Bart and Taylor were the sire and dam of the first "A" litter.  This is Bart with two of the pups before their ears were done.  

                       Bart and his son Rocky

I love this picture.  Rocky has turned out to be a loveble, gentle dog, eager to please and very happy.  He is much like his father who is the reason we fell in love with this breed in the first place.  We knew we were going to keep Rocky right from the beginning.  Note his colour as well.  He is a Fawn Brindle with black points.  I'm excited about taking him to shows and obedience trials.


"A picture's worth a thousand words"

"Cookie, from our third litter"                            

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