Pholtus of the Blinding Light

Pholtus of the Blinding Light is worshiped throughout the Flanaess, but nowhere more fervently than in the Pale. Pholtus's portfolio is Light, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, the Sun, and the Moons (there are two moons in Greyhawk, Luna and Celene, and these moons make up Pholtus’ Holy Symbol).

His clerics' domains are Good, Inquisition, Knowledge, Law, and Sun.

Pholtus believes he is the authority on Law and on the Natural Order. The sun rises and sets, the moons wax and wane, the seasons progress - all in a very ordered, regular fashion because this is the structure created by Pholtus.

Pholtus has presumed to place himself at the pinnacle of the Greyhawk pantheon by claiming authority on the Natural Order. This presumption creates significant friction with the other deities, particularly with St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel, god of Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, and Discipline. The faiths devoted to Pholtus throughout Greyhawk conflict with those devoted to other gods. Pholtans attempt to convert unbelievers and preach a scripture that, at best, minimizes the importance of other deities.

Pholtus encourages his worshipers to follow a strict path towards righteousness known as the One True Path. Chaos is the biggest enemy of the faithful. Pholtus's faithful must devote themselves to order, community, justice, and a strict adherence to his faith. Tolerance of people who believe differently is not encouraged. The faithful must not give into decadence or indifference; they must fight against evil and chaos, from without and within.

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