Mods Quad

The latest and (hopefully) the greatest D&D campaign to hit the tables.

The campaign is thus named because there are 4 DMs running modules within the campaign. In these latter middle-aged days of busy business and family demands, nobody has a lot of time at their disposal for designing locales and dungeons. It is our hope that by spreading out the work and responsibilities and using some pre-written material, that we can present an entertaining and immersing campaign without spending every non-gaming moment working on it.
Also, each of the DMs will be players as well, with the other DMs keeping enough gaming material as their own possession so that no one DM truly knows everything that is going on.
Some of you may be thinking, "I don't have time for another game in my life!" The beauty of the system we designed is that anyone of any availability can play. You don't even have to come to the table! The games will be modular in that we will attempt to play a single "episode" in the broader story during any gaming session. Thus the people who can make every game session will have their characters involved in many game happenings, but those who can only make the odd game can participate for an evening as well. And those who are so far away or too busy to make any live games can still join in by monitoring this website and taking the role of one of the "extras" who are seen and interacted with from time to time. And if you are ever in town or available for a game night, you have a ready-made character to jump into the fun with!
The Mods Quad will use modified 3rd edition rules. All rules will be from the 3rd edition Player's Handbook, 3rd Edition Monster Manual, and 3rd Edition DMG. Any supplemental rules or 3.5 rules will be considered if they are submitted by email to all 4 DMs, who then require 1 week to make a descision on whether the rule will be adopted. All modifications to the regular rules will be in the House Rules link. If they aren't there, they do not apply, so don't argue the point. Also do not come to the gaming table thinking you want to talk the DMs into a new supplemental or 3.5 ed rule. Game time will not be spent managing such things. Be proactive using email for such suggestions, and keep the game at the gaming table.

Ready to roll up a character?

Your DMs for the Mods Quad:
Click on any name to email that DM.
  • DM Arcturus (Head DM and final arbiter of all potential rules debate)
  • DM Matt (Project Manager and main provider of gaming facility)
  • DM John (Plot and characters and master of mischief)
  • DM Scott (Economics and Special Guest DM as often as Real Life will allow)

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